Photographs - brightboxstudio


Italy: Palio di Siena      

France: Fête de Ganesh

Spain: Semana Santa

India: Vatsalya Udayan

Through photography Conrad Chavez explores the visual vernacular of communities around the world, and seeks surprises in the familiar at home. His exhibition prints combine archival materials with advanced digital printmaking techniques.

Photographs in motion

Palio di Siena: L’Atmosfera

Panorama: Cathédral Notre Dame

Time lapse: Haystack Rock at sunset

Conrad recognizes that images are sometimes presented more effectively as a video. A panorama too wide to show easily on screen can be animated in high definition. A series of long exposures can be composed into a time lapse sequence. And sometimes a story is best told as a combination of still images, video, and audio recorded on site.

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