Brightbox Studio LLC.
Disclosure Statement

Conrad Chavez (Brightbox Studio LLC), who owns this website (, is an Adobe Community Professional (ACP). The ACP program is a type of partnership program. ACP partners are not employees of Adobe Systems Inc. and are not paid, but are provided with access to products and services which include Adobe software.

Articles and other content created by Conrad on are about topics of his own choice that he is personally interested in, and opinions of Adobe software expressed on this website are his own.

Conrad was an employee of Adobe Systems Inc. many years ago, but since 2000 he has owned and operated Brightbox Studio LLC. At times, Brightbox Studio LLC has been hired as an independent contractor by Adobe for specific projects. Brightbox Studio LLC is not retained by Adobe.

Brightbox Studio LLC may participate in pre-release (beta) programs for software applications or operating systems, for various companies. The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) required by those programs typically prohibit discussing details about participation in those programs.

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