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Featured published articles

Rethinking the Pixel: It’s All Relative Now

How big is a pixel? As displays advanced from around 96 ppi to well over 300 ppi, designers needed a way to keep the size of type and objects consistent across devices of different resolutions. The answer was to update the definition of a pixel, in a way that's more familiar than you might think.

Choosing a Website for Your Photos

Find the best photo hosting website for your work by considering the purpose of your photography, your budget, your design requirements, and your workflow.

How to Digitize a Film Archive with Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw

Give old film a new digital life with this complete workflow for Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw with Bridge.

Protect Your Images on Social Media with Photoshop and Lightroom

To market your photos you must show them online, but that can leave them open to unauthorized copying and usage. Learn to maximize the benefits of sharing your images online while minimizing the risk of having them pirated.

Better Tools for Tones: Why I Don’t Look at the Histogram

The histogram helps you evaluate the tone and color characteristics of an image. But it turns out that newer tools in Lightroom and Camera Raw are better at showing you the tonal problems you’ll most want to solve.

Getting Sharp Images: The Big Picture

You affect image sharpness by many decisions you make at all stages of the photographic process, even before you take a digital photograph. After you take it, how you manage image contrast defines sharpness through the rest of the workflow.

Latest blog posts

  • Most Valuable Plug-Ins: Cover story for InDesign Magazine
    My article “InDesign MVPs: Most Valuable Plug-Ins” is the cover story for the September 2020 issue of InDesign Magazine. Which plug-ins, scripts, and other add-ons do Adobe InDesign experts recommend the most? Details on my blog…
  • Introducing Share for Review: Article for InDesign Magazine
    InDesign Magazine just published my article about the new Share for Review workflow. Will it help you run document reviews more efficiently? Details on my blog…
  • Prints on display: Northwest Nocturne
    For the first time I hung art wearing a face mask, for a show you can view until the end of June 2020 under social distancing guidelines. The photos include night photography, panoramas, and Pacific Northwest subjects. Details on my blog…
  • Photoshop 2020 Classroom in a Book now available
    I helped revise the Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book for the 2020 release of Photoshop, and it’s now available!
  • macOS 10.15 Catalina: Will Adobe software work?
    Which Adobe software is ready for macOS 10.15 Catalina? Best to use the latest updates; macOS 10.14 Mojave was the end of the line for many older versions.
  • Join me at CreativePro Week 2019
    I’m giving two talks at CreativePro Week, June 10-14 in Seattle! April 15 is the Early Bird Discount deadline. Join me and 40+ industry experts on Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more. To register now, visit More info on my blog.
  • How to Perceive Brightness More Accurately — article
    Are your prints too dark, or does your published work appear darker (or lighter) than expected? If so, you might benefit from simple adjustments to your editing environment. In my article on, I explain how the way you perceive the brightness of your work depends on a combination of application settings, operating system settings, and display settings. See the details and link on my blog.
  • Creative Cloud Storage: Where Does It Go? — article
    Do you know the five places where Adobe Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps might save your work? I’ll tell you in my article for CreativePro. See the details and link on my blog.
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